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All welcome 18:30-20:30
Study Group 18:30-20:30



Training Venue - Blairs College
South Deeside Road, Aberdeen, AB12 5LF


Aberdeen Swordsmanship Group are a Practice Group that has been set up to study Historical European Swordsmanship (HES). Emphasis shall be placed upon the use of historical sources, accurate replica weapons, and effective, realistic practise without fantasy, choreography or sporting concerns.

Our class shall be endeavouring to work out drills and exercises based upon study and experience in order to further skills and the knowledge base available to all practitioners of the European Martial Arts. Currently we are studying 15th Century Italian longsword based on Fior di Battaglia (Flower of Battle) by Fiore Dei Liberi.

This shall be done by free fencing with contact and non-contact drills, using either wooden practise swords or replica weapons, in addition to grappling & closing techniques.

Why learn swordsmanship?

  • Because you are interested in learning a martial art from your very own culture and country,
  • Because you don't know where or how to start learning about realistic sword fighting,
  • Because you looking for more than role-playing tournaments and fantasy play-fighting,
  • Because you want to move away from sport fencing's limitations,
  • Because you are not satisfied with your martial art,
  • Because you are interested in a bit of fun!

So come along and join our class and become involved in the exciting subject of European Martial Arts.

What do we have to offer?

As a martial art, we aim to teach far more than just 'how to swing a sword'. Different weapon techniques are, of course taught, whether it be guarded, defensive, offensive or counter-offensive nature. Other elements will be taken into consideration when training, for example, historical background and knowledge must be understood, as our weapons techniques and styles are researched from historical sources.

Also, the mental approach requires to be stated for using each individual weapon's form and style for its combative use. There is also the general mental approach in which we train with the weapons as though they were sharp. A full understanding of body mechanics for control of your own mechanics in martial use is essential, be it guard position, specific hand positions in weapons techniques, footwork, balance or full body application in techniques. Finally, the physical or mechanical principles of techniques are always explained, as it is not enough to be simply told or shown what to do.

What kind of weapons do you practise with?

Our current area of study is the medieval longsword, a two handed weapon and is certainly one of the most interesting and challenge swords to use. In the future we hope to learn a great deal more including, but not limited to; single handed sword and buckler (shield), backsword (basket hilted single handed sword, i.e. claymore), spear, staff, polearm, daggers, as well as renaissance rapier styles.

Are you part of a larger organisation?

We are a member of the British Federation of Historical Swordplay. Which is a national, independant umbrella group for all individual UK societies involved in the research, study and practise of historical fencing and the European Martial Arts.

Where are we based?

We are based in Aberdeen, North-East of Scotland.

Not in Aberdeen?

For details on how to go about finding a class near you, click here.



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