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All welcome 18:30-20:30
Study Group 18:30-20:30



Training Venue - Blairs College
South Deeside Road, Aberdeen, AB12 5LF



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Not in Aberdeen?

If you are interested in learning Historical European Swordsmanship, but do not live near Aberdeen or even in the UK, don’t worry there may be a class near you!

If you are based in the UK:

Try the following websites:

On the British Federation for Historical Swordplay (BFHS) website a list of member groups can be found. Contact your nearest group to find out about classes near your.

If you are based outside the UK:

Try the following website:

Sword Forum International is an excellent resource for the international community but also can act as a great means to find any schools in your area. There is also a Practice Finder sub forum that can be used to find interested people where you live.

Also try:

Visit the links section for a list of the more established schools and organisations.

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