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All welcome 18:30-20:30
Study Group 18:30-20:30



Training Venue - Blairs College
South Deeside Road, Aberdeen, AB12 5LF



Classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays at the times shown on the left of the page. If you wish to attend for the first time please contact us in advance. Click here to email us.

For directions to find us either click here or on the photo of Blairs College to the left of the page.

The class is open to men and women, over 18 years of age, regardless of previous experience. Our class is open to individuals under 18, but only if they show a mature and responsible attitude, and if they have obtained consent from parent/guardian.

As with any physical activity, people with any medical condition should seek advice from their doctor before joining a martial arts group.

A typical class will start with a warm up and stretches followed by footwork drills. From here we proceed through cutting drills, pell exercises and partner drills before finishing with slowplay or freeplay.

Cutting drill Half sword

Salle Etiquette

In the Salle (old term for a fencing school) a certain level of etiquette is required by ASG members and visitors. These rules will be explained when you first visit the Salle and are intended as a means of creating a safe professional enviroment in which to teach and learn Historical European Swordmanship.

Aggression, unruliness and disrespect will all detract from the positive atmosphere of the Salle and are not tolerated. While we endeavour to make drills as realistic as possible, we also try to make it as safe as possible, therefore a high degree of control is essential.

Pell Exercise Freeplay


All members must buy an ASG long sleeved t-shirt and wear black tracksuit bottoms and trainers. Guests and visitors to ASG are encouraged to wear plain white long sleeved t-shirts and black tracksuit bottoms and trainers. A pair of gloves for grip is also recommended.

As students progress they will be advised on what equipment they should obtain such as fencing masks, jo, protective gloves, body protection and longsword.



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